About Us

Essendon Fields is a joint venture between the Linfox Group and Beck Corporation.

With aviation at the heart, retail and commercial precincts are growing, connecting workers, suppliers, executives and goods to the domestic and global marketplace.

More than one million residents live within 15 minutes’ drive of Essendon Fields, while up to 2.6million live within 30 minutes’ drive of the area.

Essendon Fields Airport has played a significant role in Melbourne’s economic growth, having served as the city’s international and domestic airport until 1970. It has since accommodated charter flights, corporate jets, emergency services, aviation businesses and more recently retail activity and offices.

The area is well positioned to cater for a wide range of businesses, services and jobs in Melbourne’s growing North-West.

Essendon Fields is home to nationally and internationally recognised organisations spanning aviation services and training, emergency services providers, insurance companies, retail giants and logistics. 

The area currently accounts for more than 6,000 people across a range of industries with a further 13,000 jobs forecast to be created.



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