Essendon Fields is home to 200 businesses and 6,000 employees from a diverse range of industries. We've spent time with some of the 'High-Flyers' that make these businesses successful.


Meet our 'High-Flyer' Matt Dawson Executive Chef and Owner of Mr McCracken.


Mr McCracken is a stylish and contemporary restaurant and bar located adjacent to the Hyatt Place hotel.

We caught up with Matt Dawson to find out about Mr McCracken, his daily challenges working in the hospitality industry and what changes he's seen in today's food culture.





Meet our 'High-Flyer' John Dyer Managing Director of Air Adventure Australia.


Air Adventure Australia caters for the young at heart wanting high-quality, enriching escapes to deep within the heart of the Australian outback. 

We caught up with John Dyer, Air Adventures Managing Director to find out the most memorable customer experiences he’s provided and what’s in store for 2018.




Dan Dempster


Meet our 'High-Flyer', Dan Dempster Venue Manager at Bounce Inc.


Bounce Inc. is a lot more than just trampolines. It's a free-jumping revolution on a mission to inspire movement, creative expression and human connection.

We caught up with Dan, to find out about Bounce Inc. and what it's like to work in such an adrenaline filled environment.





Meet our 'High-Flyer', Ricky Singh Operations Manager at Subaru Essendon.


Subaru Essendon is one of Subaru Melbourne's key dealerships selling new and used vehicles. The Subaru Essendon showroom features the latest standards in design and facilities, along with a service centre conveniently located at the same site.

We caught up with Ricky, to find out about some of the automotive industry trends and what we can expect in the future.





Meet our 'High-Flyer', Dean Hamood owner of Fresh News at Runway Plaza.


Fresh News provides Australia Post services including money orders, pack and post, passport applications and photos and b-pay to our thriving community.


We caught up with Fresh News owner, Dean Hamood to find out his thoughts on working at EF and his advice for people using postage services when buying and selling items online…





Meet our 'High-Flyer', Vas Nikolovski.


Vas has a proud history with Essendon Airport that spans 24 years.

We're looking forward to the upcoming opening of Vas' lastest venture, Helloworld EF.






Meet our 'High-Flyers', Nurture You Owners and Chiros...


We are excited to advise that a new family Chiropractic Clinic has opened at The Suites, Level 1, Runway Plaza, adding to our existing list of well-being services which includes Dental Associates, Pharmasave Pharmacy and EF Medical Centre.

Andrea and Mario have been operating locally for many years and are thrilled to be part of the EF community. 





Meet our 'High-Flyer', Active Utilities Managing Director...


We’re proud to say one of Australia’s leading innovators and providers of property services, Active Utilities has been based at EF for a decade. 

Active Utilities supplies homes and businesses with energy, water, telco services and ongoing support 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

We caught up with Active Utilities, Managing Director Ben Beck to talk business and find out how he likes to keep ‘Active’...




Meet our 'High-Flyer', Shortstop Managing Director and Chief Pilot Mike Falls Snr ...


Shortstop Jet Charter is an air charter aviation company based at Essendon Fields.

Mike Falls Snr is Shortstop’s founder and his keen passion for aviation extends beyond business aircraft to owning and operating various warbirds.





Meet our 'High-Flyer', Ben King Airservices Australia Essendon Tower Supervisor...


Air traffic controllers manage the safe and orderly flow of aircraft into, out of, and between airports throughout Australia and with overseas regions adjoining Australian airspace.


Ben took some time out to answer our questions about the interesting and rewarding careers of air traffic controllers…





Meet our 'High-Flyer', Anthony Flapper Head of Private Wealth at Matthews Steer...


This year Matthews Steer Accountants and Advisors celebrates 10 years at Essendon Fields.

Matthews Steer is a community-focused business and wealth advisory practice with a proven track record in providing knowledgeable, strategic advice.

We caught up with Anthony to find out about his experiences and tips for people seeking financial advice…





Meet our 'High-Flyer', Jenny Piazza Physiotherapist at Essendon Fields Medical Centre...


Essendon Fields is home to Essendon Fields Medical Centre (EFMC), open 7 days a week and offering a range of health services including physiotherapy.


We caught up with Jenny our resident physiotherapist to hear about her experience and tips…





Meet our 'High-Flyer', Norman Khan General Manager Hyatt Place...


Essendon Fields is looking forward to the grand opening of the very first Hyatt Place in Australia in early 2017.


Hyatt Place General Manager, Norman Khan will help lead the team as they prepare for the exciting launch. Norman took some time out of his busy schedule to explain what makes Hyatt Place so unique…





Meet our 'High-Flyer', Patrick LaManna from LaManna Supermarket...


Essendon Fields has been home to LaManna Supermarket for more than 6 years and over the years this much-loved icon has grown to become one of Australia's Best Supermarkets.


We caught up with Patrick to find out more about LaManna Supermarket's plans for the future... 





Meet our latest 'High-Flyer' Civil Aviation Historical Society President, Roger Meyer... 


Essendon Fields is proud of its rich aviation history and the Airways Museum provides the perfect place to appreciate the impact Australia has had on aviation, globally.

Civil Aviation Historical Society President, Roger Meyer has spent more time surrounded by equipment and artefacts at the airport than anyone. 

We caught up with Roger to find out more about his passion to preserve the rich history of our airport...





Meet our latest 'High-Flyer' Director of Super Gardens, Mark Stanbrook... 


Essendon Fields features stunning tree-lined streets, lush green lawns and manicured landscaping. The team at Super Gardens are meticulous in every way and work tirelessly to bring our precinct to life at Essendon Fields.

We caught up with Mark to find out a bit more about the work his team undertakes at Essendon Fields and his background.






Meet our next EF 'High-Flyer', Eva Files from Royal Flying Doctor Service... 


Essendon Fields is home to many of the State's Emergency and Medical Services. The Royal Flying Doctor Service (RFDS) has been based at Essendon Fields for 8 years.

We caught up with Eva Files from RFDS Operations to find out a bit more about the life-saving work the team do.







Meet our first 'High-Flyer' Principal GP at Essendon Fields Medical Centre, Dr Yi-Lee... 


Essendon Fields Medical Centre is a quality General Practice, opposite Runway Plaza. The centre provides general practice care, with interests in aged care, diabetes, chronic health conditions, skin cancer, medical acupuncture, women's health, men's health, paediatrics, sports injuries and occupational health.

Staff at the medical centre are also equipped to facilitate aviation medicals and pre-employment checks.

We caught up with Principal GP, Dr Yi-Lee who runs Essendon Fields Medical Centre to find out a bit more about the centre and his background. 







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